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Editing comfort

Emacs is on my long list of things that I love in theory, but in practice have only the most tenuous of grips on. (See also: Go, wine tasting, Fourier analysis. Also, I know I ended a sentence with a preposition. Suck it up.)

So – and I say this with all love and in spite of my new year’s resolution – Eclipse with Counterclockwise? So much easier to use than Emacs with SLIME. Almost certainly less powerful, but for the purposes of learning a language, I do not care.

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New Year’s Resolution

This year I intend to learn to use Emacs properly. I’ve always liked Emacs in principle but never really been able to remember the arcane command sequences to do anything beyond undo, search/replace, and some basic navigation and file stuff. This is the year to jump down the rabbit hole.

A backup resolution, in case the rabbit hole turns out to stink, is to switch to vi.

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