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Two books arrived from Amazon this morning, the first batch of a shipment of eleven. (This is our effort to take advantage of the strong Australian weak American dollar). By slight coincidence they’re both collections of essays by or interviews with programmers:

The downside of ordering a big load of books at once is that I’ll probably lose momentum at some point, and half of them will sit on the shelf for years. This is arguably too high a cost for saving a little money on shipping and effort on picking them up from the post office.

Maybe it’s time to get a Kindle.

Maybe the time to get a Kindle was before I ordered all these books.

Maybe I swore I wouldn’t get an e-book reader until they got past the whole DRM thing.

Maybe I should spend less time thinking and blogging about the issues surrounding books and more time actually reading them.

Coders at Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming

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