Perlin noise applet

Here, have some Perlin noise.

Drag to rotate and change the rate of bubblyness.

This is just some random stuff that I’ve been messing with to get back into the swing (pun intended?) of Java. The code is embarrassingly ugly so I’m not going to put it up it in its current state.

(Note: Java 6 update 21 doesn’t play nicely with something in a non-obvious way.)

(Note 2: In fact it seems to be not working on a wide variety of machines. There could be multiple issues here. Hmm.)

(Note 3: Possibly it just needs a newer version of Java than I’m using at work. I’m starting to re-discover my old impression that OpenGL in applets is more trouble than it’s worth.)

(Note 4: You know what, I’m sick of this asking for security permissions and whatnot every time the front page loads. The applet is moved below the fold. Continue at your own risk.)

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