Nested chaos

This morning I told someone I’d find a document and send it to them by tomorrow. Tonight I got around to looking for it.

First hurdle: it’s not on my laptop. Okay, not a problem; it’s a few years since I last saw it, so it’s probably on my… old laptop. The hard drive of which I wiped and put in a housing to use as portable storage.

Not to worry, before I wiped that drive I copied its contents to… the server that I’m not using anymore because I replaced it with a fit-PC2. (Did I mention? I got a fit-PC2. It’s awesome. Barely ever goes above 10W.)

But that’s okay, because I copied the contents of the old server to the new one. Except a few things that I didn’t copy because the hard drive is smaller in the new one, which wasn’t a problem at the time because I was going to start a new backup system involving removable drives. Which I haven’t gotten around to yet. But I would have remembered to copy this, because it’s important, and not very big, and…


Never mind, the old server is still here, I’ll just crawl around under the desk, shuffle a few plugs around, and start it up.

Huh. Doesn’t want to power up. Maybe I unplugged it to make room in the power board.

Nope, plugged in. Maybe there’s something up with the power cord.

And also with this spare power cord.

So I’ve now resorted to transplanting the drive into another box (not the first time this particular drive has had this treatment) so that I can boot a server that I’ve replaced to get a file that I’ve copied several times but not to anywhere that I could immediately get at it, all so that… well okay I really did need that file, but boy did it make me work for it.

This weekend I’m setting up a backup system.

No, seriously. I will.


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