Oh looky, a new blog

‘Cause I wasn’t neglecting the old one enough already.

This is a bit of an experiment. Until recently I thought the one-person-with-multiple-blogs-for-different-topics thing was a bad case of over-engineering. But I have a new theory that goes like this: none of you should have to read through my random thoughts on gardening and moustache-growth updates on the slight offchance that I might say something intelligent about computers or whatever. Unless you’re my stalker, in which case you should probably stop doing that.

So this is an attempt to keep the “nonsense that only I care about” stuff separate from the… well, the “nonsense that only I care about but is to do with computing”. It’s also supposed to motivate me to do something about the dozen or so projects I have on the backburner at any given time. (Hey, it could work. You never know.)

Stay tuned for ramblings on all things programming, software, and computer-science-and-engineering-y.

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